Fear Can Stop us Achieving our Dreams

Fear Can Stop us Achieving our Dreams By Heather Bunting How often do we dream of doing something, only to find ourselves fearful and not pursuing that dream? Fear is a necessary emotion – it keeps us safe from physical danger and can also keep us safe from other threats. But do we sometimes find Read more about Fear Can Stop us Achieving our Dreams[…]

Grief, Loss and Trauma

Grief, Loss and Trauma By Heather Bunting We have all experienced loss of one sort or another in our lives. We may think our situation or family is bad or the worst, but everyone struggles in one way or another. Loss is a part of our lives – loss of a particularly close and very Read more about Grief, Loss and Trauma[…]

Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility By Heather Bunting How often do we want to blame someone else for what happens to us? Something happens that we didn’t want to happen, someone says something to us we didn’t want to hear, someone does something we don’t agree with. How do we manage these situations? Do we blame the universe Read more about Personal Responsibility[…]

Repairing our Relationship with our Children

Repairing our Relationship with our Children By Heather Bunting It’s no secret, especially to parents (!), that parenting is the hardest job in the world. Children are not born with a set of instructions, so somehow we have to figure it out as we go along. Most other jobs have a job specification, a set Read more about Repairing our Relationship with our Children[…]

Tiffany Alston

Tiffany Alston

Tiffany Alston Tiffany is another one of our counsellors here at Possibilities for Change. Tiffany is a young, enthusiastic and driven counsellor that is passionate about helping those in need. She believes an integrated approach in therapy, tailored to each individual, is required in the exploration process and to achieve successful treatment. Tiffany’s focus is towards creating Read more about Tiffany Alston[…]

Learning How to Take Risks

Learning How to Take Risks

Learning How to Take Risks By Heather Bunting A little while ago I did something which I didn’t ever think I could do – I gave a talk in front of about 80 people! I prepared well, I knew what I was talking about and I took note of and managed my nerves! I was Read more about Learning How to Take Risks[…]


Groups run by Possibilities for Change Possibilities for Change will be running groups throughout the year that vary in theme, in attempt to cover a range of difficulties people face. We strive to create a place where individuals can feel safe, respected and listened to without judgement. Our counsellors are dedicated to helping you create Read more about Groups[…]

Our Counsellors

Our Counsellors Our Counsellors are passionate about helping those in need no matter what issues they may be facing. We welcome all ages, genders and cultures. Heather Bunting Tiffany Alston If you are experiencing things in your life that you would like to talk to someone about, please contact us.


Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice in Glen Iris Possibilities for Change is a Counselling and Psychotherapy practice based in Glen Iris in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is a place where transformation is imaginable and possible. We provide a respectful and safe environment offering individual counselling, group work and supervision. Possibilities for Change Read more about Counselling[…]

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There are a variety of ways you can contact us. We welcome your enquiry for anything related to counselling. Telephone: +61 456 575 928 Email: contact@possibilitiesforchange.com.au LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/possibilitiesforchangeaustralia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/possibilitiesforchange.com.au Google+: https://business.google.com/b/116255395595661182657/ PACFA: http://portal.pacfa.org.au/index.php?dispatch=fat.newprofile&user_id=2093 Australian Counselling Association: www.theaca.net.au/counsellor/heather-bunting