January 16, 2017


Groups run by Possibilities for Change

Possibilities for Change will be running groups throughout the year that vary in theme, in attempt to cover a range of difficulties people face. We strive to create a place where individuals can feel safe, respected and listened to without judgement.

Our counsellors are dedicated to helping you create positive change and growth wherever needed in your life, to listen to you without stigma, judgement and welcome all ages and cultures.

Our counsellors have a range of qualifications to suit your needs such as grief and loss counselling, treating anxiety and depression, crisis and trauma counselling and mindfulness art therapy which will be implemented in our groups.


Previous Groups and Testimonials


Empower Yourself


Our first course for the year ‘Empower Yourself’ was focused on assisting those struggling with negative body image and the thoughts and behaviours associated. The course included various techniques that focused on awareness and strategies suited to each individual to combat unhelpful thinking patterns associated with low self-esteem.

All genders, cultures and the LGBTI community are always welcomed.

Facilitated by: Tiffany Alston

Course Overview

  • What is self-esteem
  • Where does low self-esteem come from
  • What creates low self-esteem
  • Thinking patterns and how they affect self-esteem
  • Unhelpful behaviours associated with low self-esteem
  • Identification of strengths
  • Trigger prevention
  • Combating stigma
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Proof seeking
  • Cognitive, emotional and behavioural components of self-esteem
  • Physical and emotional strategies to improve self-esteem
  • Strengthening character strengths
  • Identifying personal values and beliefs
  • Creating awareness
  • Diet and exercise
  • Social anxieties
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Narrative therapy


If you would like Possibilities for Change to deliver this course at your organisation, please contact us at contact@possibilitiesforchange.com.au


What has been most beneficial from the Empower Yourself course?

“Learning that I am unique and not weird”

“There are others out there that can relate and that value me for who I am.  I am blessed to be around these people” 

“Some new friends!”

“I am not weird but am glad I am not normal”

 – Simon


If you are experiencing things in your life that you would like to talk to someone about, please contact us.

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What has been most beneficial from the Empower Yourself course?

"That I am unique and not weird"

"There are others out there that can relate, and that value me for who I am. I am blessed to be around these people."

"Some new friends!"

"I am not weird but am glad I am not normal."