January 16, 2017


Weight Loss Support Groups

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This is a new approach to the agony of not being able to eat what we want, as much as we want, and when we want it!!

We have heard of many many diets.We have organizations that recommend eating plans, organizations that even deliver food to your door!

But where can we find a place where we can talk about our bodies and what it feels like to live in them, and listen to others? A place where we can wonder about our love for ourselves?

It’s true that in some of the organizations we sit in a group, but most generally there’s someone at the front telling us about what to eat or how to cook it, how much to exercise to do, how much we’ve lost (or usually, to our shame, put on!), etc. etc. etc.

In this group there will be no weighing and no diets suggested, but acceptance of each person’s journey and of what they offer the group. It is expected this will be a group where members do not need to be ashamed or feel criticised but will be able to speak freely and share their life stories.

The group will determine if there are subjects they would like to discuss. We may talk diets or exercise or what works or how we’ve gone in the past week. We might talk strategies if people want to. We might come up with some simple suggestions we can all try.

Group members are encouraged to keep what is discussed in the group within the group so that it becomes a safe and confidential space.

If you would like to book a place, please see Trybooking link below. You are welcome to phone 0421 908 424 or contact heatherjbunting@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Who should attend:

Anyone who struggles with trying to lose weight or has lost weight and struggles to keep it off.

Session dates/times:

7 – 8.30 pm on the following Monday evenings:

12th November, 19th November, 26th November and 3rd December

Email an expression of interest to heatherjbunting@gmail.com.

Arrangements can be made to organize direct payment.


$75 for 4 sessions


Possibilities for Change

5 York Road, Glen Iris, 3146 (Cnr. Wills Street)


Please contact Heather Bunting on 0421 908 424 or email heatherjbunting@gmail.com for further enquiries.

Course Facilitator:

Heather Bunting

BA (Psych), Grad.Dip. Psych, Grad.Dip. Counselling, Masters of Social Science (Counselling)