February 6, 2017

Tiffany Alston

Tiffany Alston

Tiffany is another one of our counsellors here at Possibilities for Change.Tiffany Alston

Tiffany is a young, enthusiastic and driven counsellor that is passionate about helping those in need.

She believes an integrated approach in therapy, tailored to each individual, is required in the exploration process and to achieve successful treatment.

Tiffany’s focus is towards creating solutions to problems no matter how big or small, and believes that everyone has the potential to  achieve their goals using their strengths.

Tiffany welcomes all ages, genders, cultures and the LGBTI community.

She is furthering her studies at the Australian College of Applied Psychology as well as volunteering at multiple organisations around Melbourne, varying from Mentoring Youth with Jesuit Social Services to feeding the homeless with the Father Bob Foundation. Tiffany is also running psychoeducational workshops and courses at locations across the community, aiming to assists those struggling with low self-esteem and negative body image.

At the conclusion of her studies, Tiffany endeavors to work in the Alcohol and Drugs field, specialising in drug induced psychosis and addiction.


The hurdles life throw at us teach us how to reflect, learn and move forward. Some people get stuck or lost in this process. I am dedicated to supporting those suffering and endeavor to help them recognize their full potential by guiding them towards achieving their goals; no matter how big or small”

– Tiffany


Tiffany will be facilitating Workshops called, Exercise Your Confidence, across Melbourne with the aim to assist those struggling with low self-esteem and negative body image.  

Tiffany’s first course ‘Empower Yourself‘ which focused on similar areas, proved to be extremely successful and participants noticed positive change in their lives within the first couple of weeks. 


If you are interested in the Exercise Your Confidence Workshop or have any questions, please Contact us. 

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What has been most beneficial from the Empower Yourself course?

"That I am unique and not weird"

"There are others out there that can relate, and that value me for who I am.  I am blessed to be around these people."

"Some new friends!"

"I am not weird but am glad I am not normal."

Simon March 22, 2017


  • Qualified Counsellor undergoing placement
  • Currently completing Bachelor of Counselling
  • Diploma of Counselling
  • Registered Student with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia  http://www.pacfa.org.au/
  • Member of the Mental Health Professionals Network  http://www.mhpn.org.au
  • Group Work Creator and Facilitator

Key Units completed

Counselling Interview Skills
Facilitate the Counselling process
Counselling Theories 1
Counselling Theories 2
Support Clients
Case Management
Responsible Ethical Counselling
Cultural Diversity and Workplace Legislation
Improving Counselling Skills
Working in Mental Health
Positive Psychology
Advanced Counselling Skills
Developmental Psychology
Alcohol and Other Drugs
Conflict Resolution
Psychology of health and wellness
Social, Legal and Ethical frameworks
Cultural diversity
Counselling skills
Mental Health Policy and Practice
Crisis and Trauma Counselling
Applied Social Research
Change, Power and Influence Dynamics
Placement and Supervision



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