Pricing & Appointements

I offer transparency on Location, Cost, Availability, etc


Most counselling sessions take place in Glen Iris. Sessions can be held by negotiation in Malvern or North Fitzroy.


Appointment Times

Appointments are available on Monday evenings and the weekends.
Please call to arrange a mutually convenient time.


Individual Counselling Session: $110 for one hour
Couples Counselling: $130 for one hour
Supervision: $105 for one hour
Group supervision a possibility.
Fees to be paid at time of appointment either by cash or direct bank transfer.

Medicare Rebates

My service is not covered by the Medicare Rebate or a Mental Health Care Plan.


Medicare Rebates…

To receive the Medicare Rebate requires that you visit a doctor and get a Mental Health Care Plan. This means that the doctor declares you are diagnosed as having a mental illness. I do not view people as having mental illnesses. This mental health diagnosis becomes a permanent part of your medical record and with the increasing facility for large computers to share information, it is becoming increasingly easy for our medical records to affect other areas of our lives such as the legal system, insurance, some health care facilities and perhaps even employment related situations.

Although the Medicare Rebate provides an amount you can claim back, psychologists who use this system often charge a much higher rate than counsellors, such that the gap between what you pay and what you get back is not much greater than the cost of counselling. Also, it only provides for 6-10 sessions per calendar year (and then the cost to you increases by the rebate amount). It would be doing yourself a disservice to limit your time of therapy to 6-10 sessions.

Medibank have some products which come with a Membership Bonus (old products have this or a Package Bonus). You can now switch to Medibank and take up one of the following: Everyday Comprehensive, Settled Families Essentials, Settled Families Comprehensive and Security Comprehensive. These products have the Membership Bonus which are added on 1st January annually. Bonuses can be saved over a five year period up to $500 for singles and $1,000 for couples, families and single parent families. NB. There is a six month waiting period before you can make a claim using the bonuses.

In breaking news, BUPA have added counselling to their claimables! Effective from 1st July, 2018.

Due to financial considerations getting a Mental Health Care Plan might be your choice but it is worth understanding the system. A patient fact sheet from the Department of Health is available here.

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