Why Now?

What is happening in your life right now?

Do you feel now is the time for you to find someone to work through some issues with or seek some support? It may even be that you’ve been considering counselling for a while but haven’t had the courage (or organization) to see someone. Of course it could be for 100 other reasons! Whatever the reason, this is what I offer:


What I offer is counselling to people who want changes in their lives, either they have felt like this for a while, or at least feel like that now. My type of counselling might be something you’re looking for, or it might not!

The following is a list, albeit probably not complete, of things that can happen in our lives which can cause us to feel lost or have a sense that we need to reach out to effect change.

  • death of a loved one either recently or in the past
  • loss of a relationship (we have many relationships in our lives with many things/people)
  • loss of a marriage and wondering what next
  • loss of a pet
  • a new situation in your life such as the birth of a new baby
  • bullying at work and not knowing how to deal with it
  • other workplace challenges
  • feeling our partner is calling all the shots and where am I in all this
  • feeling overwhelmed for any reason
  • a general sense of not knowing where to go or how to make things different
  • feeling life is passing you by and you’re not sure where you’re going
  • feeling sad about things that have happened or are happening in our families
  • loss of happiness
  • loss of confidence

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